Ikea – Start the Car

I finally found it!  Or should I say….Kyra finally found it!     


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6 Responses to “Ikea – Start the Car”

  1. Kyra Says:

    You should!

  2. moe Says:

    how did you find this. I love it. i want to put it on my myspace page.

  3. Melissa E Earle Says:

    Yea this is way too funny
    Gotta love ikea!!
    -Melissa E Earle

  4. Start The Car Says:

    It kind of makes you wonder if Ikea condones ripping off stores that make honest mistakes! It is funny though!

  5. Kyra Says:

    I think it just condones tacky idiots shopping at its stores.
    It’s pretty clear that the cost is low due to a sale, imho.

  6. Bill Says:


    Start the car

    great job

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